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Your dry rot and termite repair specialty contractor, providing quality service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Roof Framing & Roof Eave Repairs
Roof eaves or overhangs can be particularly susceptible to dry rot and drywood termite damage. Most dry rot conditions occur as a result of roof leaks, defective or inadequate drip edge flashing, rain gutter and down spout installations. Drywood termites infest warm arid areas of structures and roof eaves are a perfect environment for infestations. Damage can also extend inward or originate at the roof structure framing that is only visible from within the attic space. Typically roof eave and roof structure framing repairs require removal or disruption of roof coverings and roof system components to facilitate proper and adequate repair.
A common mistake we see, time and time again, is the installation of a new roof over damaged roof framing. Many roofing contractors will include dry rot repairs as a part of their service and yet infestations, infections and damage that should have been remedied remain behind. This circumstance can be avoided by having a licensed WDO Inspection performed. Do not reply on roofing contractors to make appropriate identification and recommendations as to wood destroying infestation, infection and damage.

If you find that it is time to repair or replace your roof system, we offer this advice. Have a reputable licensed roofing contractor perform a roof inspection and provide you with a written evaluation and estimate as to your roofing needs. Prior to having roof system work performed, have a licensed WDO or termite inspection performed as well. If your roofing contractor is recommending a “tear-off”, the removal of the existing roof covering, have the WDO inspection performed after the tear-off and before installation of the new roof covering begins. This will assure a thorough and complete evaluation of any conditions to be found, prior to being covered.

​​The money you spend for a nominal WDO inspection fee is a sound investment in your home, especially under these circumstances. Chances are that if conditions exist at the roof line of your home, then conditions may exist in other areas that you may not be aware of. If your home has not been professionally inspected in the last two years, your home is over due for a check-up. California Structural Restoration can provide you with an expert evaluation by performing a complete and thorough WDO inspection of your entire home or building. The written WDO report you will receive is a viable resource of home care maintenance and repair for you to act on as you see fit.

All inspections performed by California Structural Restoration are performed by the owner/operator licensee, with over twenty five years of licensed expert inspection experience. We also provide expert structural repairs of superior quality and craftsmanship as well as treatments that are safe and effective. We are truly dry rot and termite damage repair specialists that will provide you with appropriate correction and control of your entire wood destroying infestation and fungus infection needs.

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